Sunday, April 13, 2014

High Class Winter Style

Today's subject was about how to make your style chic and beautiful for your daily activities.As we know from our life experiment, each event has special style relate to it.By this i mean: street style, office, style, weddings and so on.
High Class Winter Style
Style i love in long coat and nice black bag.This coat keep me warm when i walk in the city.

As i was defending my idea of prices and fashion, i would like to specify that fashionistas have to put effort on their style if they have special occasions like weddings and other events requiring  high preparation. But what you have to verify is that your money and your style are equivalent.You may shop for high prices and still your look remain simple and normal. Then take your time when you choose your cloths.You may look at style and say:that is kind of my favorite fashion in recent days.If you feel to love it then buy it.

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