Sunday, April 13, 2014

Gorgeous Black Dress for Plus Size Women

This nice dress is fits me very well and i do like it with my nice black heels and bag.
Gorgeous Black Dress for Plus Size Women
Today i am going to buy new stuff for all my family.What kind of cloths should i buy.First quality?original? cheap stuff? expensive cloths? new season shoes?...

This is a great time that I spotted on my site.You may choose one of the items because you appreciated something on it and want to keep it with you.
It may seem short at first glance but if it pulls with a heavy woolen sweater (winter) or a small, lightweight blouse or summer, it is almost not see it! 
If I had to go on a date, I see myself wear with satin tights, a black blouse transparent and certainly with ballerinas. 
If I had to go to work, I wear it with a white shirt or a denim shirt (depending on the culture of the company). 
And if I were strolling through the streets of  the city, I just would put a sweater in ecru wool! ;) 
And you, what do you think can make you happy when you see your self in a new style you shopped a minute ago?

Nice Blazer and jeans

I do like my yellow blazer and jeans. Mostly i wear white shirts and tee-shirts for my office style.
Hello Ladies.
Today is your special day and for all those who prefer to surf under the duvet until he makes out better, I've found you a good plan lounging by chance on the net!
This collection was made to show you examples of some fashion designers needs and wishes.As fashionista i like to be chic and love to see all my friends in sparkling
style when we visit our relatives or specially when we attend conferences or classes.I do pay attention with my style and become angry with this one of my class friends because she says: i don't care with my cloths in all about fashion. A girl is to be clean, proper and chic at all the time.
This is why i decided to share with you all my favorite styles and hope to help you choosing the style of yours.

Gorgeous style for Plus Size Women

Lovely fall look in nice jeans and sweater for plus size women.

This is my favorite style because it marks the style and detail of its fabric.This high designed look offers a wise air to all women who venture to wear this summer.

It looks very nice and attractive because when i took it for the first time one said this style is gorgeous and the men quickly understand that there is something fishy .And ou what do you think of this style?
chic?nice?gorgeous?attractive?inspiring??....Happy to get your reactions.

Plus size Chic Style.

Lovely look in black short and red shirt for plus size women. It is very cute when you are with your friends at the beach or somewhere else to enjoy your day.
Today's topic was about how to make your style chic and beautiful for your daily activities.As we know from our life experiment, each event has special style relate to it.By this i mean: street style, office, style, weddings and so on.
As i was defending my idea of prices and fashion, i would like to specify that fashion designers have to put effort on their style if they have special occasions like weddings and other events requiring a big preparation. But what you have to verify is that your money and your style are equivalent.You may shop for high prices and still your look remain simple and normal. Then take your time when you choose your cloths.You may look at style and say:that is kind of my favorite fashion in recent days.If you feel to love it then buy it.

Gorgeous Plus Size Style

This is my favorite dress for my special occasion because it looks a good idea for valentines.Its small black part makes me combine it with black heels or red heels.
Gorgeous Plus Size Style
In this nice style i have got a very different idea: Why a child can have two moms, a father two women, a mother mother can go out with a young who could be the big brother of his daughter all of this to find love and feel happy.But why not in multiplying their style life to look very chic and attract friends to love them more and more???

When i start this topic everyday the first question to meet is that beautiful cloths are expensive and not supportable for many people.But i surely claim that fashion and prices are very different because many people manage their styles with very cheap cloths and shoes.The only lesson to put in mind is that a skirt or pant which is on your size fits you everyday and having more cloths make your styles new each day and admirable forever. Then shop cheaper but chic and according to your size.

White and Red stuff for Ladies

This time lets take a look of gorgeous style for summer. Nice and comfortable cloths may be aimed to keep your style shiny and sparkling for your daily activity. For me this nice short and sweater look very nice and simple but it gives me a different feeling when friends tell me you look so gorgeous.
 Hi everybody!! It seems difficult to understand when thinking fashion only as an art of cloths show like some of our readers.

Through different stylish publications we have come out to show that fashion is a part of our life and good idea to make our look chic and admirable.
For this new year 2014 we have prepared a large collection of gorgeous cloths and smart styles to show that when a women take a time to think about her size and what may fit her,she comes out victorious and cute to be seen whether for office or normal events look.

Chic style in black dress

Smart look in black mini dress and high class bag.I do like it when i visit my friends or for evening clubs.
This Season the word Style is rigorous and makes a comeback.To go on this topic we must understand that style and life should be not two different things but parallel and equivalent for a women or more open for each lady happy to be beautiful and walk near her lovely friends.

How to wear it? By subtle little touches!
Forget the mesh and prefer it  slim pants, flattering, associated with a white shirt and vertiginous stilettos for a look of chic adventurer. The printed camouflage blends with many colors: gray, beige and also black and white. The total-look strongly encouraged then do not hesitate to throw your sights on small parts army (cap, sneakers, bag, scarf), and awaken to accessorize a classic