Sunday, April 13, 2014

Gorgeous Plus Size Style

This is my favorite dress for my special occasion because it looks a good idea for valentines.Its small black part makes me combine it with black heels or red heels.
Gorgeous Plus Size Style
In this nice style i have got a very different idea: Why a child can have two moms, a father two women, a mother mother can go out with a young who could be the big brother of his daughter all of this to find love and feel happy.But why not in multiplying their style life to look very chic and attract friends to love them more and more???

When i start this topic everyday the first question to meet is that beautiful cloths are expensive and not supportable for many people.But i surely claim that fashion and prices are very different because many people manage their styles with very cheap cloths and shoes.The only lesson to put in mind is that a skirt or pant which is on your size fits you everyday and having more cloths make your styles new each day and admirable forever. Then shop cheaper but chic and according to your size.

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