Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chic Style i love

Hello Ladies.
Today is your special day and for all those who prefer to surf under the duvet until he makes out better, I've found you a good plan lounging by chance on the net!
Chic Style i love
I love this style in nice jeans and high heels to accompany my nice sweater.To be seen is that my bag and heels have same color which my special wish for all my styles.

This collection was made to show you examples of some fashion designers needs and wishes.As a fashion designer i like to be chic and love to see all my friends in sparkling style when we visit our relatives or specially when we attend conferences or classes.I do pay attention with my style and become angry with this one of my class friends because she says: i don'yt care with my cloths in all about fashion. A girl is to be clean, proper and chic at all the time.This is why i decided to share with you all my favorite styles and hope to help you choosing the style of yours.

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