Sunday, April 13, 2014

Chic style in black dress

Smart look in black mini dress and high class bag.I do like it when i visit my friends or for evening clubs.
This Season the word Style is rigorous and makes a comeback.To go on this topic we must understand that style and life should be not two different things but parallel and equivalent for a women or more open for each lady happy to be beautiful and walk near her lovely friends.

How to wear it? By subtle little touches!
Forget the mesh and prefer it  slim pants, flattering, associated with a white shirt and vertiginous stilettos for a look of chic adventurer. The printed camouflage blends with many colors: gray, beige and also black and white. The total-look strongly encouraged then do not hesitate to throw your sights on small parts army (cap, sneakers, bag, scarf), and awaken to accessorize a classic

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